07 Mar 2024

WONCA World Conference Sydney 2023

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3031 delegates from 98 countries

42% international delegates

670 speakers

63 exhibitors

139 exhibitor booths


26–29 October 2023
International Convention Centre (ICC)
Sydney, Australia

Hosted by The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), the World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians (WONCA) World Conference celebrated its 50th Anniversary in Sydney with a four-day conference at International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney).

Themed Recovery, Reconnection and Revival: A Celebration of Primary Care, the conference attracted active participation and engagement of delegates and observers from 98 countries and territories at this hybrid event delivered in person and virtually. WONCA, also known as the World Organization of Family Doctors, is the largest conference for GPs, family doctors and primary healthcare specialists.  

Why Sydney?

As an inspirational international city and gateway to the rest of Australia, Sydney is the ideal hub to bring together national and international delegates. Australia sits in the top five health systems in the world. The conference hosted in Sydney allowed this to be showcased to the rest of the world whilst also learning from other regions.

The welcome and services offered to the conference by ICC Sydney and to delegates across the city was warm and meant that all delegates had a fabulous experience, including those who travelled with partners and families. Sydney has so much to offer international and domestic delegates alike, such as a range of accommodation options and there is something for all interests on the doorstep of International Convention Centre Sydney.  


Thank you and your team for your support. We ended up welcoming more than 3000 attendees from around the world, there was a great vibe and energy within the conference. Your team was a great support, and we were pleased to be able to join together to showcase Sydney, showcase Australia, showcase the ICC Sydney, and showcase the RACGP to the GPs and Family Physicians of the world. Thank you.

Paul Wappett



General Practitioners the world over are faced with universal challenges and the conference allowed the forum to share challenges and create solutions. Post COVID, WONCA 2023 was the first opportunity to meet and reconnect face to face.

Practice visits wereheld across Australia allowing visiting delegates to observe Australian practitioners and take their learnings back to their own country. As well as showcasing technological innovations, the conference showcased how culturally safe environments are created for First Nations people around the world and highlighted the health issues the world will face as a result of climate change.  

Creating Impact

The Young Doctors Forum was a key part of the conference. Bringing young doctors together to meet each other, build their network and find the mentors through dedicated sessions helps their professional development and gives a focus for those seeking to develop leadership.

Rural Australian practitioners had the opportunity to showcase their best practice with practitioners from similar isolated environments and learn from each other, sharing that there are isolated communities in need the world over who deserve the same level of care as those in the world's cities.

Delivering Results

After saving the world through global health measures during the global pandemic, the conference enabled global GPs to share best practices and evidence-based delivery and to take away tools to support sustainable practice.

Bringing practitioners from around the world together cements the common goal of humanitarian care, and a shared vision for care for the people who need it most - who exist everywhere in the world, including Australia.