Sydney, a sustainable destination

We work with local and international partners to make Sydney a more sustainable business events destination. We consider environmental, social and economic factors and take an active approach to maximise the positive – and minimise the negative – effects of our work; and we help business event owners do the same.

Environmental sustainability

Sydney consistently ranks highly in the Global Destination Sustainability Index. We achieve this via a range of actions, including our Sustainability Policy and active role in Sydney’s Sustainable Destination Partnership.

Aboriginal Cultural Tours, Barangaroo. Credit DNSW

Social sustainability

People and communities are what make Sydney. We strive to ensure our work – and the events we attract – support local communities; encourage diversity, equity and inclusion; and contribute to social sustainability.

Economic sustainability

Innovation, business, investment and talent are central to a sustainable economy, and we are proud of the contribution we make to ensure they thrive in Sydney.