Economic sustainability

Innovation, business, investment and talent are central to a sustainable economy, and we are proud of the contribution we make to ensure they thrive in Sydney, New South Wales and Australia. For years we have worked to assess and articulate the value of business events and we know that we create value, for the tourism sector and beyond.

Direct expenditure

We bring business to Sydney. In the two years to 2020, the international events we secured delivered an average direct expenditure of AUD$214 million per year for NSW; and data confirms that visitors we attract contribute an average direct spend greater than leisure-only visitors, at $823 per conference day.


We generate significant tourism benefits. From recent data, we know that the meetings we secure attract visitors who experience Sydney for the first time, and who would not otherwise have come to the city (67% and 95% respectively). We also know that these visitors stay on average 3.6 days beyond their business event, many visit areas outside of Sydney (46%), and the vast majority leave intending to visit again (86%).

Beyond tourism

Beyond tourism, we know that global meetings drive and grow our knowledge economy. They attract world-class talent to experience our city, and these experiences lead more than half of those people (58%) to want to live and work or study here. In addition, they stimulate innovation and new ideas; and they profile local expertise, research and industry strengths, which often leads to significant opportunities for international collaboration, research and funding.