We provide professional services, support and access to funding for international event owners and intermediaries that want – or might want – to host an incentive event in Sydney.

We use our expertise and relationships to connect you to local networks and ensure our city rewards.

We help you choose Sydney

We have 50+ years of experience supporting business events in Sydney, which means we know that every incentive event has unique needs from a host destination. We provide information and advice on what Sydney offers and how to get the most from your incentive.

Our services:

  • scope out your event and how Sydney can meet your needs
  • scope out itinerary options
  • scope out potential venues, hotels, services, and experiences
  • identify funding offers and access financial support
  • host site inspections with decision-makers
  • connect to our networks.

We also provide free advice and support that is customised to your needs, to make it easy for you to plan and deliver.

Our services:

  • create itineraries that meet business objectives and engage delegates
  • engage venues, hotels, services, and experiences that suit your needs
  • engage an inbound tour operator
  • connect with suppliers in our extensive network
  • host planning and site inspections for organisers
  • find trusted and reliable information about Sydney
  • build delegate anticipation and engagement, by providing communications and marketing support.

Plus, we provide practical tools and research, and information on how to host sustainable events. Throughout, our services, advice and support are impartial and completely free of charge.

Whether you are scoping options or ready to start planning your incentive event in Sydney, we are here to support.