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Health and life sciences are priority sectors for New South Wales (NSW).

Sydney is home to world-leading medical research facilities; health and education precincts; pharmaceutical and biotechnology clusters; and five of the world’s top 200 universities for clinical and health.

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Health & life sciences in NSW

Australia has an innovative healthcare system and a thriving life sciences sector, known for making significant contributions to global medical science, from the electronic pacemaker, bionic ear and spray-on skin, to ultrasound for pregnancy and the first HPV vaccine.

Its largest state economy, NSW is at the forefront of health and life sciences innovation, backed by government investment and strategy. It is home to a world-class medical research sector, leading universities and hospitals, medical research institutes and life science companies.

As the capital city of NSW, Sydney is also home to 55% of Australia’s medtech and biotech companies and hosts more than 50 pharmaceutical and 500 medtech companies.

Research & innovation

Collaboration is at the heart of the health and life sciences ecosystem in NSW, with dedicated districts that bring together experts from across industry, government and academia.

Our innovation districts include  an ecosystem of world-class universities, hospitals, industry partners, startups and research institutes where residents work in health and life sciences, from genomics and pharmaceuticals to surgical research and robotics in clinical care.

Cicada Innovations is a deep tech incubator that has health among its areas of focus. It supports tech ventures and offers programs to help innovators develop and commercialise health solutions, from radiopharmaceuticals and DNA-based biotech to molecular diagnostics.

To the east, the NSW Government and University of New South Wales (UNSW) have partnered to deliver the Randwick Health and Innovation District, comprising four hospitals, preclinical facilities and institutes working in fields such as neuroscience, mental health, cancer, biomedical sciences and robotics.

And to the west, our existing Westmead Health and Innovation District is being further developed as a global centre for innovative health care. It brings together four major hospitals and five world-leading medical research institutes, the largest research intensive pathology service in NSW and two university.

Sydney is also home to renowned research institutes including the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, which leads in areas including genomics, epigenetics and diseases of immunity and ageing; the Lowy Cancer Research Centre; and the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.

University of New South Wales (UNSW) electrical engineering building and University Mall, grass and trees on a sunny day University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Academic institutions

Our universities are vital to the health and life sciences ecosystem in NSW, working as partners to both government and industry. In Sydney, our academic institutions host a wide range of specialist research facilities and consistently achieve high global rankings for their expertise, with both the University of Sydney and UNSW ranking in the top 100 worldwide for both clinical and health and life sciences. 

At UNSW, the Kirby Institute works to eliminate infectious diseases; the Microbiome Research Centre explores the role of the microbiome in disease; and the Centre for Big Data Research in Health carries out research across a broad range of health issues using large-scale electronic data.

At the University of Sydney, the Charles Perkins Centre is a multidisciplinary research centre that works to combat chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease; while the Save Sight Institute is home to Australia’s leading ophthalmologists, researchers and scientists.

And at the University of Technology Sydney, the Biologics Innovation Facility is an unmatched GMP bioprocessing teaching and training facility; while the Australian Institute for Microbiology and Infection works to decipher interlinked human, animal and environmental problems.

Tan Le, Founder & CEO of EMOTIV, a neuroinformatics company. Tan Le, Founder & CEO of EMOTIV, a neuroinformatics company.

Our network

We have networks across health and life sciences, with Global Ambassadors including CEOs, researchers, professors and practitioners working in medical facilities, research institutes and universities with expertise ranging from genetics, neuroscience and oncology, to proteomics and biomedical engineering.

Meet our Ambassadors

Meet our Ambassadors in health & life sciences

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